Septober Sounds Better Than Octember

Yet again he arrives, screaming into the wind, hoping his voice carries far without realizing how quickly it dissipates. A soliloquy for no one; an attempt to hold himself accountable. Here's what I've been up to the past two months.

Not a whole lot. Time is such a fickle mistress. The moment you think you have found some command over it, some sort of relationship with it, some symbiotic give and take, well, the wool is most comfortable over my eyes.

Books: 2/4 - re-read Casino Royale, first read of Wives of Los Alamos by Tarashea Nesbitt.

Films: 7/13 - Girl With All The Gifts; American Assassin; The Hitman's Bodyguard; Our Brand is Crisis; Brigsby Bear; Battle of the Sexes; The House.

Other Important Things - Reached my yearly goal of three unique countries visited after a two week stint in Germany (joining Nicaragua and the USA - lame I know, but I try to define it as a unique stop in the USA, in this case, Houston). However, after France last year and Germany this year, the finances have been bled near dry, so three countries might be a stretch next year. However, I do have an ace up the sleeve which I may be able to play next year. Then again, for as many good ideas as I have, I'm not the best at implementing them. So more to come on that I suppose. Otherwise, not much happening in goal reaching town. I've been encouraging myself to wake up earlier and do more creative work but that's been a slow adjustment. The comedy making is also dwindling with more and more realizations that I'm likely bette suited to be a behind the scenes person - not sure the stage is for me. I'll keep getting up though, it can't hurt. Lastly, got a new job hosting trivia on Wednesday's here in Hamilton, so if you're around, swing by for one of those.

Keep reading and keep working. You got this. (Applicable as encouragement for both of us).