JuJu Nely

If I ever need a name for a hippie character, that's probably the one I would use: Juju Nely. That's what happens when you splice June and July into separate words. Not sure why I thought of that, but one day many moons ago, I did. And now it's the name of my monthly review that I skipped in June. Huzzah.

  1. Books - 5/4 - Tasting Beer; Bourbon & American Whiskey; The Youth in Asia; Art of Dramatic Writing; Get Your Shit Together.
  2. Films - 18/13 - Mad Max: Fury Road; Dr. Strange; My Cousin Vinny; Get Hard; Oh Hello!; Never Speak; Keeping Up With The Jonses; What We Do In The Shadows; Moana; Footloose; Goon; Wonder Woman; Dunkirk; Baby Driver; Into The Inferno; Chasing Coral; The Big Sick.
  3. Other - started playing more music which makes me happy, but have been distracted from stand-up, which is less good. Goal structure took a hit, but I appreciate what I was going for and with a little mental reset, will hopefully be able to stick to it. 

July has seen some great movies hit cinemas and August should be no different. I can't stress enough how good The Big Sick was. If you're reading this, I implore you to go see it. Doing some fun reading right now before getting into something REAL heavy, which I will be writing about in the coming weeks. Otherwise, just keep on keepin' on. Comment anywhere if you've been hitting or maintaining your own goals. Or if you haven't so I can give you crap about it.

Man, it's August already. What a year.


ps// Baby Driver and Wonder Woman were also super fun movie going experiences, so go see them too.

7/11: Never Forget

Today is July 11 and by the weird backwards American calendar, that means it's 7/11. This has been adopted by the store chain as a day to give away free small slurpees. If you're not taking advantage of this outrageous deal, you're not a smart person. Or have diabetes. 

So go out and heed the summer! Get that delicious sugar ice and stain your tongue for the day! Huzzah!

Also, Happy Second Anniversary to my wife. I told you, people don't forget birthdays because there is cake. I won't forget our anniversary because there's slurpees. (Obviously she married me for my brain[freeze]).