One Day More

Well, I'm happy to see that my scheduled post worked. That will likely come in useful going forward. So too would have been scheduling a post for yesterday, which in my infinite wisdom, I did not. Clearly. 

So a day late, I am here with words. My week away was wonderful, and there will be more about that soon (albeit likely in another medium, wink wink foreshadow foreshadow). Before I run off to work, I will leave you with a poem:


The clouds look like
an ugly white shag carpet.
Like a painting of a choppy sea;
it’s the perfect day for sailing,
yet, there are no boats to be seen...

The plane submerges and twilight
twinges the clouds pink,
like puffs of cotton candy
gliding past my window...

And we land.
And we taxi.
And we wait.

The clouds are now just shadows,
the sun has disappeared behind the horizon.
Stars shining in the remaining daylight
grow larger as they prepare to land.

The evening sky, abandoned by the sun,
is a wide, soft, pastel rainbow...