January in Review

A day early but still on time. 

Here's what happened this month:

  1. Films - based on trying to get to 78, I figured out that I should be watching 7 films in months with 31 days, and 6 in the other months. Only made it to 6* this month: Rogue One, La La Land, Moonlight, Demolition, Lion and Sing Street (which I'm actually going to watch after the dentist tomorrow morning).
  2. Books - No re-reads, though the one I finished I might re-read this year because it was so fantastic: Trip to Echo Spring by Olivia Lainge. To get to 24 I should be doing 2 per month, I know. I've started two more but won't finish either by tomorrow. 
  3. Travel - I don't think I mentioned it in the first post, but last year I had the goal of visiting three countires, and I managed to do it! So might as well try again! (Also wanted to get out of Hamilton once or twice a month, which is another goal to continue at, too). I got 1/3 checked off (2 if you include America, which is seeming more and more foreign day by day) last week when I went to Nicaragua! It was fabulous and I encourage every one to go there someday. More to come on that in a few weeks...
  4. Content - Finished the first draft of a new screenplay on vacation, and am doing round one of editing now! So pretty excited about that. I only was late for one Idearrhea this month, so that's better than I expected. Please continue to watch "Live from Canada" on the Ed the Sock YouTube page every Thursday at 9! Jrunk Jeopardy episode 1 is up but we're having some technical difficulties getting number 2 going, but in the meantime there will be some additional content coming from there in the next couple days - so follow all the socials for that please :) ...so not a bad month content-wise. 

Hopefully I can maintain the momentum here and get some more stuff out into the world in February. Stay tuned.