2017: The Year of Content

The homonym in the title was very intentional. I'm aiming for 2017 to be a year where my happiness is derived from creation. Content with content. 

This is my first smattering of words on my new website. I'm actually paying for this one. Hopefully that will be financial incentive to actually remember to write here or there over the coming year. My last go round didn't fair so hot. Lethargy is the devil's shoehorn. Sure.


Content. I'm hoping to make a lot of it. I'm also hoping to consume a lot of it. Way back in 2015, I set myself a New Year's goal instead of a resolution. I didn't tell myself that I HAD to do something, rather, I established that I would LIKE to accomplish X, Y, and Z. For that year it was only X, and X was 'read 15-20 books in 2015.' Clever, right? There were some other things, more adult things, like start a retirement savings plan, start learning Spanish, etc. I guised it all as "More or Less" in that, I wanted to do more of some things (read, use what I already own, cook) and less of others (junk food, drinking, food waste). It went well to a certain degree, but I realized because they weren't specific goals (other than the books), I lost track of what I could consider to be accomplishments. So for 2016, I made sure my goals were much more specific. 

16 new books, 52 previously unseen movies or documentaries, 366 alcoholic drinks, travel to 3 countries, and then some general stuff like golf more and fix all the cavities in my teeth.  Apparently I'm much more of a goal oriented person than I had thought. I made it to 17 books, 53 movies (both in the last two weeks of the year - way to go competitive spirit!), 4 countries and did well to golf more and fix every cavity (regardless of the year's tuition it ended up costing). The drinking thing we're not going to talk about, only because it will get its own post in a few weeks...

As for 2017, I'm going to continue the trend I've started and delve even a little deeper. This year, I'm getting much more specific with the goals. Hopefully, making it an internet thing will help me stick to it - as to not disappoint the throngs of you who I'm sure, care very much.  With that being said, let's look at what I hope to accomplish!

For books and films this year, I'm doing a tiered system. For films, bronze level will be 52-63, Silver will be 64-77 and Gold will be 78+. For books, Bronze 16-19, Silver 20-23, and Gold 24+. I'm also looking to re-read at least three books. The reason I'm doing tiered, is that I'm hoping to be much more occupied with creation then I was last year. 

And as for creation, there are some very lofty things I'm hoping to accomplish. Stand-Up I'm saying minimum once a week. That's really not a lot when it comes down to being a stand-up comedian, but to be fair, I'd much rather be a writer. I'm using stand-up as a vessel for displaying my words. I know me. I'm not an actor. Sure, I like being the centre of attention, but I also hate it. Writing, is what I want to do, so it's what I'm going to try to do the most of. Once a week Idea Dumps will help, but I'm also going to submit to various internet outlets and local magazines. I finished a screenplay last year (which was a goal), and this year I plan on finishing another and starting at least one more. Stemming from that, I also plan on trying to sell the one I've already written. I also am working on writing a 13-episode sitcom arc and plan on including that in some eventual pitch and proposals. Lofty.

Beyond that, I hope to find some local pals with cameras and time to burn who want to make some short sketch videos and get them out into the world. There will also be the bi-weekly foray into alcoholism and trivia, known as the Jrunk Jeopardy! podcast, and I'll be dabbling in content creation for the upcoming "Live from Canada: It's Ed the Sock!" internet programme. 

On top of all of this spaghetti, I'm even going to squeeze in, to the best of my ability, relearning the various instruments I once played and that are now covered in dust. It's hard to believe at one point in university I was a music minor and had the skeletons of four or five albums written with even some pre-production work done. I mention this one last as it's the least likely to happen. However, it's out in the universe now, so who knows what will happen!

Be healthy. Cut back on sugar. Take the stairs. Find a way to get kale in you once and awhile. Sure, all those things are on my list too, but we all say those exact words the first week of January.  I'll keep you updated on them. But when someone stumbles on this post mid-July, I hope you ask how the writing is going, how the reading is going, and what good movies I've watched recently. And hopefully, I'll have some good answers for you.