I Think The Departed Is Overrated, Too

So. Moonlight won. After La La Land won. I had a grand plan for what I was going to write about and then it all went out the window in that bizarre 2 minutes of cinema history. 

Before I got that, I'll briefly say one thing. 2016 taught me a valuable lesson: people die. And nine times out of ten, it's too soon. That goes for both the person's untimely demise, and the invariable joke I, or someone else makes about it. I've recently been getting back into learning about spirituality and have been doing much more reading into Eastern philosophies and they are fascinating. The more I consider that life and death are just different stages of consciousness, the more I realize the importance of celebrating life while people are still around us. I also understand that people grieve in different ways. So when someone invariably makes the "Oh man, I loved him in Independence Day" joke, it's not too soon, it's that person's way of saying "bummer, he was such a great character actor that I have a hard time remembering what he was in." RIP Billy Pax, you seemed like a very nice person.

Anyway. The Oscars. Overall, Kimmel did a fine job. My one non-award related takeaway was the reason the shows are four hours long is because there are too many unnecessary gags. Some of the tribute videos, "inspiration" or what have you, and the surprised civilians thing... meh. Hand out the awards and be done with it. As for Best Picture, well, that was a thing. Accidents happen I suppose. The La La Land-ers handled it pretty well I think. 

And Moonlight. I've written about it already. I also realized I wasn't quite clear in my critique, because I really wasn't clear what it was I didn't like about it. It was very well-acted, it was beautifully shot and beautiful to look at. The story was poignant even if it didn't quite hold my attention fully. But as I was talking with my mother about it, I figured it out. It's the presentation. I thought it was that it wasn't a linear story, even though it's very clearly a linear story, but it's the fact it's essentially three short films spliced together. Just not my jam. 

La La Land was super overrated, too, by the way. As much as I enjoyed it. After the last post, I ended up seeing Lion and that would have been my Best Picture. And it all comes full-circle to why I'm glad Moonlight won - I like Lion the most because I'm adopted and the story spoke to me. Just as Moonlight spoke to many, many disenfranchised groups and individuals. So congrats on a well-deserved win Moonlight. I'll watch you again when you're out on video and/or Netflix. 

I think the whole spectacle is best summed up by this tweet (ps. very excited I get to work with him):

I should probably elaborate, but I don't think I need to. Looking at the top-grossing films, nothing nominated for any non-technical award was in the top 20 except Hidden Figures (which is awesome to see, I wish I made it out to see it), which came in at 19. 


With one day left, here is my February in Review!

  1. Films - 7/6 - Back on pace! (Don't judge what I have and have not seen before, lol) - Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, It Follows, Unstoppable, Zak & Miri Make a Porno, Jurassic World.
  2. Books - 3/2 - Back on pace! - Happiness Diet, Carlin Home Companion, Love Wins. (Pop over to my Instagram feed for reviews and comments on these!)
  3. Content - I found the first screenplay I ever wrote in the deep annals of my computer and was able to upload it into my software. It was longer than I remember, which is great. So that will be fun to work on again. I also finished editing my second project, but it needs a bit more story to fill it out. AAAAAND because I have writing ADD, I started another new project as well. In my head, if I have three things to work on, I'll always be working on something... Also, Episode 2 of Jrunk Jeopardy is online, as well as Live From Canada, every Thursday at 9pm EST on Ed the Sock's YouTube page.

That's it for me. If you're doing any Resolutions or Challenges, let me know how they're going :)