Why is hall pronounced hol? and Holi not like holy? I imagine it came from holy-day... 

Really I got nothing else for this. I totally expected that idea to be a solid premise and get me through an entire post, but really, nothing. I think those are solid facts to build a foundation on, I mean, seriously, English pronunciation is weird. But when it boils down to it, it's just a fake holiday. It really isn't even a holiday if you think about it, no one gets paid to not work it. Family Day is even faker but it feels more real. At least I get stat pay.

So here it is, this Hallmark Holiday, forcing spouses to buy things that don't need to be bought... That makes me think, is it always one sided? Like, generally a man buys chocolate and flowers for a woman, but is it ever offered back (I can't speak to same-sex couples, I guess the manlier of the two? or the more sentimental of the two?...*arm shrug emoji*...)? Why am I always expected to buy the flowers? I like getting flowers. And chocolate.

I just realized I totally forgot to buy chocolate.

I think I'm too caught up in the semantics of it, and not just using it for what it is: an excuse to be nice to the people I care about. We should probably all do better to be nice every day, but we should really ensure that we are nice on the Greeting Card Mandated Holidays, if for no other reason than it's a good excuse. So I'm sorry that I didn't buy you flowers or chocolate or a card. I'll do better next year. Or at the very least, the next Halliday.