March Forward

March was quite a month. Weather has been very weird here in Southwestern Ontario. Good reading weather and good go to the movies weather too - especially when there were so many great ones out this month.

I'd like to hear from anyone who is also trying to stick to New Years Goals or Resolutions, but I can't seem to figure out comments for these articles. So, like and share them all you want, but also comment on any Instagram posts I make pertaining to movies and books so we can talk about it! I want to hear about your goals and maybe even get some recommendations out of them. At least until I can figure out how to let comments happen here.

March in Review:

  1. Films - 14/7 - Crushed my goal this month! Some killer stuff in theatres and lots of rain meant lots of movies. I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore, LEGO Batman Movie, Logan, Get Out, Keanu, Gross Pointe Blank, Beauty & The Beast (2017), Hidden Figures, The Muppets (2011), The Muppets Most Wanted, Miss Represented, Sing, Fastball, Kong: Skull Island.
  2. Books - 3/2 - I love beating goals. Feels great. It's possible I finish a fourth tonight, but not likely. I read Father Joe by Tony Hendra, Last Words by George Carlin and Screenwriting 434 by Lew Hunter. 
  3. Other things: did a few standing up comedies and took part in the FU Network launch, which was fun; started combing through my old old screenplay fixing up formatting errors and the like. Content wise it's solid but oh boy, do I ever not know how to write good dialogue lol. Otherwise, just plugging away at edits.

Again, head over to Instagram if you want to talk about anything I read or saw, or you want to talk about anything YOU'VE read or watched. It's like a long distance book club!