A Full Plate

Something's been brewin'... I hopped on board a new project... Other puns pertaining to beer...

So I've been aloof as of late. You may also notice April doesn't have many stand-up dates. That's because I've been keeping a secret - living a double-life...

Beyond the writing of stories and writing of jokes and editing of stories and assembling of jokes and studying of form, I've been putting a lot of extra work into the network launch for funetwork.tv. I've tried my hand at video editing (went okay! hopefully will be on this week's episode!) as well as show development - as we prepare to launch some additional programming beyond Live From Canada. So I've been distracted to say the least. On top of this, there's real work, y'know, the one that pays my bills.

I hate having secrets because I'm really not that good with them. I just want to tell people. I'm a talker, I like to use words, and I like to use my knowledge as much as possible. Sometimes in a totally conceited way, a 'look how smart I am' way, I have no qualms in admitting that - if you've listened to any episode of Jrunk Jeopardy you already knew that (another thing I've been unable to do as much as I'd like). But I also like to use my knowledge because I'm scared that if I don't use it, I may lose it. So that's why I'll try to draw a parallel between your family squabbles and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. This also means that sometimes a secret might become a not secret. Because of my big ol' mouth. 

This one was tough to sit on. It was like reading a book, turning the page and seeing that the next page is the end of the chapter and trying not to look with your peripheral vision to see what the last line is. Which is a great metaphor really, as one chapter ends and another begins. After four great years at Gallagher's in Hamilton, it's time for me to pack up and move on. And I'm moving on to greener pastures (only because of the green hop vines). I'm moving on to help some dear friends launch a business - a brewery in downtown Hamilton. It's a very exciting time as we work towards opening in a few weeks. But it also means pulling double duty for those next few weeks. It's a transition where I have to train and pass the torch to the next wave of kitchen staff at my current home, to being trained and receiving the torch at my new home. 

I look down at my plate and it is full. There's food I've made, food I'm making and food I will make. It all looks delicious. Like any big meal, I know I'll be tired at the end of it. But it will be worth it. I can lean back in my chair, undo my belt, look around the table at all the friends who have sat with me and the friends who've yet to sit down. And while we all sit in silence, appreciating the meal, appreciating each other, and avoiding volunteering to do the dishes, I'll wash the whole experience down with a nice pint of beer. Cheers!