I'm fifteen minutes late, so this will say May 1, even though I started writing on April 30.

Anywho, a bizarre month to say the least. I watched a few movies, but mostly classic comedies I dug out when I was hungover. I did some reading, which is good - feel free to head over to the Instagram to let me know how your reading list is going.

Otherwise, the transition from old job to new job really clouded my creative self and the distractions took me away from my work. I did little editing and little stand-up. I did a lot of work for Live from Canada, but it's taking a direction I wasn't expecting, so I've started writing some original show pitches in hopes that I can make my own thing. So keep an eye for updates on that.

Otherwise, here's the tally!

  1. Movies: 3/6 - Tropic Thunder, Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2.
  2. Books: 3/2 - Poetics by Aristotle, The Comedians by Graham Greene, Born A Crime by Trevor Noah.
  3. Other Things: Meh. I have a video I made for Live From Canada that I'll put up on my YouTube page once it airs. Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet month. I need to shake off the April blues and make sure I don't fall into the trend of abandoning New Years goals so quickly.

Again, head over to the Instagram page and comment on my book photos to let me know how your reading/watching/listening is going!