It's a two for one! Well, a one for one. Technically a one for two. Shut up.

I started my new job as I mentioned, and we're open now! So if you're in Hamilton, get out to Merit Brewing Company and visit me. Buy some beer. But, that has also entailed back to back sixty hour work weeks helping my pals get their business off the ground. So I have forgotten to write. A lot actually, both here and my personal stash of words. But it's much more rewarding to help friends in real life, then dawdle here complaining about umbrellas and whatnot. 

Hopefully now that we're open I will be able to return to my regularly scheduled programming. And get back on stage. And watch some movies and read some books. And other stuff. Like sleep. But also beer is great. So maybe I won't. Who knows? All I can say is keep clicking back here every week and hope there are new words!