May in Review

Alright. May was a whiney, privileged month. Got it out of my system. Time to reset. June will be good. In fact, June will be great.

  1. Films - 4/7 - Scott Pilgrim vs The World; Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates; Junior; Sinatra: To Be Frank. 
  2. Books - 1/2 - "What We Talk About When We Talk About God" by Rob Bell.
  3. Other - Not much doing. A few stand ups, no real travelling, nothing else really to report. 

Going forward, it's time to reset the goal structure. The whiteboard is getting dusted off and sticky notes a plenty are to be strewn about my desk. My distracted brian this month means I'm back to "on pace" for reading and film watching (also didn't help nothing really interesting hit theatres recently). I think I'm going to beta test weekly goal structure this month, and see how well I'll be able to maintain that. I also have a three day weekend at the cottage coming up, so that should be a great time to finish a book or two and get some words on paper. Like I said, June will be great.