The Times, They Are A Changin'

[Editorial Note - My page crashed after I finished writing a first draft of this and I don't remember the words in the order I wrote them. So that's lame. I'll try to recreate them as best as possible.]

I did some things earlier this year, but am doing them no longer.

First off, the podcast, Jrunk Jeopardy, is no more. The idea was fine, but the execution was less than optimal. We recorded four, but could only release two. We never really sussed it out and the more we worked on it, the more we realized it didn't really land. Which is a bummer. Those boys are a ton of fun and hopefully we can find a venture to work on together soon. 

Also, I am no longer working on the Ed the Sock program. Unfortunately there was a canyon of difference between our senses of humour (the things we each thought were funny were in different dimensions - so I suppose this is what "creative differences" means). If you were watching because of me you don't have to watch anymore, which is not to say you shouldn't watch, but know I'm no longer involved. We just didn't really click. This isn't an ex-girlfriend thing where I will peak in from time to time and hope to see them failing miserably because what Steven is trying to do is very cool and could be great for creators across the country. I wish them all well and maybe someday our paths will cross again...

Here's a video I made for them that they never used and now I can put on my YouTube page. So enjoy!

Also, I realized I linked to my SoundCloud page in the bottom links and really haven't updated in awhile, so over the coming weeks I will be uploading some audio of stand-up sets as well as some old school music demoes that I never finished. So look forward to that!

Alright. There will be more to come.