Guest Plug: A Lil' Bit Country, A Lil' Bit Rock'n'Roll

Here's some cool stuff from some pals that you should take a peak at!

A Lil' Bit Country

This handsome stud was knee high to a grasshopper when he started taking guitar lessons from my dad. We never had any clue he had a voice either. Now he's crushing the country charts as he deserves - it's great when genuine people succeed. Here's his first music video shot in our hometown of Sarnia!

Investigate him here.

A Lil' Bit Rock'n'Roll

My bandmate's cousin just put out a prog album that lives in the sweet realm of the 80's metal that inspired it. It sounds like so many apparent influences that it becomes unique in its familiarity. If you love RUSH, Van Halen or Pantera you'll enjoy Pyramid Theorem. 

If you want a song with lyrics, click here.

If you want to give them money, click here.

A Lil' Bit Extra

And as I promised, I am cleaning up my SoundCloud page and plan on adding things over time. Our first entry is one of my most favourite tracks I ever composed. I sampled Dream Theater and went from there. This is circa 2009 maybe? Anyway, enjoy.