No, not Dads Against Drunk Driving - though I am opposed to drunk driving, but I'm not a dad so I wouldn't qualify. D.A.D.D. is a condition that doesn't exist but I think I have: Diet Attention Deficit Disorder. It's like ADD, but on a much longer time scale. 

This is something I think I've touched on before, but it's more noticeable in the last few weeks. Mainly, I've been making music again. Relentlessly. And my writing (comedy in particular) have suffered that cyclical punishment of being cast off for a few months until I grow tired of music and decide to pick up the pen again. It's a weird phenomena that I can't quite explain. Honestly, I haven't written a joke in months* with no real explanation other than "I don't really feel like being funny right now." (* - last journal entry in the joke notebook was June 5, and based on my handwriting being in all italics, it's either all very good material, or I was quite drunk). 

This is also not a thing I want to make light of in any other context than my own. I know ADD is a real thing and lots of people have it (even if I think children are being wildly over-diagnosed with it) and struggling to focus is not a fun thing be any means, especially if it's for reasons beyond your control. But in my own instance, I find it somewhat fascinating that I can stop caring about hobbies I feel so passionate about in an instant. I suppose acknowledging this behaviour is helpful, it will allow me to forcefully try to stick to my checklists and accomplish somethings. But on the other hand: meh.

Maybe that's just how my mind works. Looking through my Instagram posts about the books I've been reading shows a pretty wide array of topics seemingly unrelated to one another (though maybe I'll try to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon them at the end of the year and try to find some linear connection...). I guess interests follow moods? What do I feel like watching or reading or creating today? (note: that was emphasis, I'm not drunk). Who knows... As for now, I suppose I will try to make the most out of my current quixotical behaviour toward music and create something worthwhile.

Tomorrow? Who knows; I certainly don't.