My Words

As things get published, they will appear here. Yes, I am that confident.

Winter 2017 - Issue 5 of 'bird. magazine' features an article I penned called "Home." They are a print only publication based in Hamilton, so it's not on the internet. So go get a copy! Think of it as 'limited edition'...

Spring 2018 - Issue 2 of Volume 4 of Time and Place, a local Hamilton chapbook, featured a poem I wrote called "A Foreign Mark."

Your Words

When you kind folk say nice things about me, I'll put them here. Probably mean things, too. Whatever, as long as you're talking about me.

Comedy in the Hammer via Bruha.

Other Projects

I do other things beyond writing and joke telling. So check them out!

I host trivia weekly at Southern Smoke BBQ on Tuesdays as well as a monthly trivia the second Thursday of the month at Gallagher's Bar and Lounge. Click the links for more info.

In the Past...

I [did] content creation for Live from Canada! It's Ed the Sock! Live episodes stream on YouTube* every Thursday at 9 pm EST.

With two chums and a guest, I [did] a podcast: Jrunk Jeopardy! Watch, er, listen to what happens when 4 super-competitive drunk people try to do trivia!

* - they got banned so they stream on Facebook or something? Meh.

If you are in need of some content, or want to work together on a project, send me an e-mail and I'll probably say yes. Contact Me.